Dance - Mavericks


The Western Dance Society of BPIT

Formed in 2013, MAVERICKS adds  favour to the campus by training dance enthusiasts in all dance forms such as Hip-Hop ,Bollywood , Contemporary, Urban ,Locking ,House etc. It is one of those societies which has brought laurels to the institution by winning the title of winner in the last Anugoonj – the annual fest of IPU across all the colleges. It participates in several cultural festivals every year, they are trained by a professional choreographer. Being in MAVERICKS, you get to visit and perform at some of the biggest universities and fests in India like IIT Bombay (Mood Indigo), Anoogunj, Bits Pilani(Oasis), IIT Delhi, SRCC and more! Here you learn how to grow as an individual and as a dancer!






The Western Group Dance Competition organised by Mavericks every year, All the teams across Delhi colleges and universities participates here and win their exciting prizes. The competition is judged by the leading choreographers in the Delhi Dance Circuit.

Faculty Coordinators

Ms. Prachi Kaushik

Associate Professor

Ms. Ritu Bajaj

Associate Professor

Dr. Suman

Associate Professor

Ms.Nikita Nijhawan

Associate Professor

Student Coordinators