Newton School Coding Club (NSCC) BPIT


Newton School Coding Club (NSCC) is the coding club and a technical society of Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology which aims to provide a peer group to the students, spread technical awareness amongst students, to help students develop different technical skills, to give them a professional outlook, to conduct various webinars/seminars/contests for the students. NSCC BPIT is a chapter of INDIA’S largest technical organization which promotes the engineering process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing and applying knowledge. NSCC promotes the culture of coding and conducts various events which help students to explore their interests. Along with these, NSCC provides a platform to the freshmen to interact with other colleges as well as their seniors to get the benefit out of their experience as well as get their doubts resolved.



List of Events

S.No.Event NameType of ActivityEvent DateMode of EventSpeaker name and detailsCount of Attendee’s
1CodeChef College ProgramWeekly Coding Test21/09/2022OnlineNA850
2Newton’s September Coding ChallengeCoding Contest28/09/2022OnlineNA120
3Git and GitHub WorkshopWorkshop8/10/2022OnlineTauqeer Ahmed60
4UI/UX BootcampBootcamp11/10/2022OnlineSoumiya V70
5Webinar on DesignWebinar16/10/2022OnlinePrishita Aggarwal130
6Game of Codes National Level Coding ContestCoding Contest21/10/2022OnlineNA330
7Newton’s October Coding ChallengeCoding Contest27/10/2022OnlineNA120
8GitHub Watch PartyWebinar14/11/2022OnlineNikhil Mahana and Nitish Kumar50
9Reskill AppathonHackathon16/11/2022OnlineNA70
10Interview Preparation WebinarWebinar21/11/2022OnlineSudesh Kumar50
11Open Source WebinarWebinar25/11/2022OnlineVasundhara Shukla50
12Newton’s November Coding ChallengeCoding Contest30/11/2022OnlineNA170
13JavaScript BootCampBootcamp30/11/2022OnlineHarshit Sharma210
14Basics of DSA Series: Linked ListWorkshop5/12/2022OnlineAnku Choudhary80
15Basics of DSA Series: ArraysWorkshop7/12/2022OnlineTanmay Arya80
16Orientation 2022Orientation11/12/2022OnlineSenior Council of NSCC BPIT200
17Cracking GSoC and other open source programsWebinar17/12/2022OnlineYashika Jothwani and Vedant Jain250
18Data Science Project: Sentiment AnalysisWorkshop20/12/2022OnlineAshish Pal80
19NSCC BPIT Meet and Greet Dec ’22Meet and Greet26/12/2022OfflineNA110
20GeekTalk with Sandeep JainSeminar28/12/2022OfflineMr. Sandeep Jain830
213-Day DSA BootcampBootcamp3/1/2023OnlineAbhinav Awasthi3700
22HackNITR 4.0Community Partnership06/01/2023OnlineNA70
23Month-long Web Development BootcampBootcamp07/01/2023OnlinePraveen K P and Adarsh Halder1100
24Podcast on Competitive ProgrammingPodcast11/01/2023OnlineAbhijeet Gupta, Swapnil Negi and Praduman Naik120
25Code Rush-XCoding Contest28/01/2023OnlineNA700
26CodeRush-MarchCoding Contest22/03/2023OnlineNA815
27Interview Preparation BootcampBootcamp04/04/2023OnlineAbhinav Awasthi110
28TechXcelerate 2023 – DSAWorkshop14/04/2023OnlinePradeepto Sarkar, Tushar Rai, Deepanshu Dua103
29TechXcelerate 2023 – Competitive ProgrammingWorkshop14/04/2023OnlineKartik Sharma, Ankur Sharma, Ashutosh Kumar134
30TechXcelerate 2023 – Cyber SecurityWorkshop15/04/2023OnlineHimank Jain, Yuvah L Kumar106
31TechXcelerate 2023 – Blockchain and Web 3.0Workshop15/04/2023OnlineVishakha Aggarwal97
32TechXcelerate 2023 – AI and Machine LearningWorkshop16/04/2023OnlinePrasuk Jain, Ankit Gupta, Harshit Sharma99
33TechXcelerate 2023 – Data ScienceWorkshop16/04/2023OnlineDeepika, Surbhi Sinha91
34TechXcelerate 2023 – DevOps and Cloud ComputingWorkshop21/04/2023OnlineSiddhant Vijay Singh103
35TechXcelerate 2023 – Open SourceWorkshop21/04/2023OnlineAmit Tripathi97
36TechXcelerate 2023 – Web DevelopmentWorkshop22/04/2023OnlineManan Khandelwal, Abhinav Goel, Deepti Mittal108
37TechXcelerate 2023 – UI/UX DesigningWorkshop22/04/2023OnlineIsha Bansal, Prishita Aggarwal101
38TechXcelerate 2023 – Mobile App DevelopmentWorkshop23/04/2023OnlineSahil Makkar, Udit Soni, Shivang Gautam, Sarthak Singh96
39TechXcelerate 2023 – AR/VR/XR TechnologiesWorkshop23/04/2023OnlineDivyansh Singhania81
40Society Internal meetingMeeting20/04/2023OfflineSenior Council, Junior Council120
41Google Generation ScholarshipWebinar25/04/2023OnlineSunaina Rustagi50
42Introduction to Web DevelopmentWebinar29/04/2023OnlineShivank Kapur40
43Freshers’ Placement Talk – IT/ECESeminar01/05/2023OfflineProf. Abhishek Swaroop and Mr. Sanjay Dureja110
44Freshers’ Placement Talk – CSE/AI&DS/EEESeminar01/05/2023OfflineProf. Abhishek Swaroop and Mr. Sanjay Dureja140
45Seminar on Entrepreneurship by Purva AggarwalSeminar04/05/2023OfflineMiss Purva Aggarwal60
46Game of Codes 2.0Coding Contest03/06/2023OnlineN/A170



Ms. Neha Sharma

Assistant Professor, CSE

Pradeepto Sarkar

Student CSE, 2020-24

Council 2022-23

Pradeepto Sarkar2020CSE
Rajat Gupta2020IT
Kartik Sharma2020CSE
Prishita Aggarwal2020CSE
Isha Bansal2020IT
Prasuk Jain2020CSE
Kirti Singh2020CSE
Tushar Rai2020CSE
Surbhi Sinha2020CSE
Dhruv Chandok2020CSE
Vishesh Khare2020CSE
Ishaan Sharma2020CSE
Anushka Singh2021IT
Ayush Jaswal2021IT
Daxh khatreja2021CSE
Gracy Dhamija2021CSE
Muskan Arora2021CSE
Pawas goyal2021CSE
Raj Verma2021ECE
Rishav Raj2021CSE
Rishi Jha2021CSE
Smarth Malik2021IT
Smriti Grover2021IT
Tanish Saini2021ECE
Vaibhav Bhardwaj2021ECE
Vaibhav Goyal2021CSE