Applied Science

About Department

The Department of Applied Sciences is a multidisciplinary department which aims to provide high-quality teaching of basic science subjects to the engineering students. It is functioning with dedicated faculty members who provide individual attention to the students with the aim   of developing a strong foundation for their respective future careers by nurturing their analytical abilities and  logical thinking. The core courses offered are Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Communication Skills and Engineering Mechanics. The department provides well equipped laboratory facilities to the students as a part of their curriculum. The department has highly-motivated faculty members with vast research experience from various premier Institutes of India who  endeavour to establish its name in research with world-class and high-impact outputs in the frontiers of Applied Sciences in interdisciplinary areas.

Message from HOD's Desk

Prof. Abhijit Nayak

HOD (Physics & Mechanical Engg.)

As the head of the department my aim is to run the department with regularity and punctuality.

My aim is that every faculty member should be able to motivate the students and nurture talent in the area of Physics and Mechanical Engineering and also maintain good pass percentage in the course offered. We will also try to encourage research activities within the department by conducting seminars, conference etc.

Faculty members and students should also participate in various academic activities leading to excellent academic environment within the department.

Prof. Arunima Kumari

HOD (Maths)

It is rightly said that “Mathematics is the mother of all science”. Just as a mother teaches the child to examine and understand everything in childhood, in the same way math teaches us.Math is a powerful tool for global understanding and communication. By using this, students can make sense of the world and solve complex and real problems.For example, the study of algebra and topology can reveal how quickly water becomes contaminated and how many people in a third world country can get sick annually from drinking that water. A study of geometry explains the science behind architecture. Statistics and probability can estimate the death toll from earthquakes and other natural calamities. By studying mathematics one can also check the authenticity and reliability of big-data and even predict about the weather and profits. As the present age is one of skill- development and innovation, the more mathematical we are in our approach, the more successful we will be. Keeping in view the universality of the subject, mathematics faculties of BPIT provide the platform to the students to realize the beauty of this subject and embrace it for solving real life problems.

Prof. C. R. Jagga

HOD (Chemistry), HOD (Humanities)

Welcome to the departments of Applied Chemistry and Humanities. The departments intend to sharpen the students’ creative talents and help them evolve as better leaders and decision-makers of the nation. The Applied Chemistry department teaches courses in Applied Chemistry and Environmental Studies to first-year students of B.Tech. The acquired engineering skills are based on foundations of chemistry. The work of chemists has given innumerable valuable materials to engineers from Portland cement to structural steel, aluminium alloys and polymers with speciality applications. The department regularly organizes seminars, quiz competitions, industrial visits and expert talks by eminent scientists from universities/research institutes/ industries to inculcate an academic and research culture.   Read More